Short Films

Journey of a Paper.jpg

Journey of a Paper (2022)

Director & Editor


In the self-study class at night, Long received a mystery paper from his back-seat student. One journey of this mystery paper started in the classroom..... 

My Friends and that Summer.jpg

My Friends and that Summer (2022)

Dop & Editor


The precious high school time is going to end. Wang Xiaopeng feels that the romance of youth seems to have nothing to do with him. He decides to record the last mouths in summer with his new camera.


Shift (2021)

Director & Dop


A father suffers a hard mental injure after his wife died. He gets addicted to the gamble and uses it to escape real life. His son starts to tool care of him and the house but the father seems ungrateful. The roles between the father and son had a subtle shift......

Are You Scared.jpg

Are You Scared (2021)

Director of Photography

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The Moon Lamp post.jpg

The Moon Lamp (2020)

Director of Photography

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safety belt poster.jpg

Safety Belt (2019)


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player poster.jpg

PLAYER (2019)

Editor & Color Grader

Qiuqiu and Zinan poster.jpg

Qiuqiu and Zinan (2018)

Director & DOP

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Airplane Fan.jpg

Airplane Fan(2017)

Director & DOP