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About Me

My name is Chen Kunwen, you can call me Owen or Bro. Owen.C. I come from Xiamen, China.

I have been enthusiastic in make videos since I was a primary school student. Cameras seem like my toys through my childhood. I learned these related fundamental skills in self-study and made many short films during my middle and high school time. I am really enjoying it and be proud of it. That’s why I chose Film Production as my major when I was admitted to the undergraduate university.

After studied at the Beijing Film Academy and the University of Portsmouth, I had understood the process of film production in both China and the UK. Also, I learned directing, cinematography, editing and other related skills then used these skills to create some short films such as <Safety Belt> (2019) and <The Moon Lamp> (2020) during that time. These films have been selected for many film festivals and won lots of awards.

Currently, I'm a London Film School student and freelance filmmaker as well.  Specific in Director of Photography, Director and Post-production (editor and colour grader). You are welcome to contact me at any time.

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